I took on the challenge of going on this journey for three reasons: to gain clarity on a major life transition, to lower stress levels as I began this shift and to create a plan of action. Thanks to the on-going assistance and support I received from Jacqui, I was able to achieve that. Her knowledge, professionalism and commitment to get results, got me through. I looked forward to our coaching sessions because I knew that I would learn an exciting and new perspective that would help me understand how my mind was working and how I could change things for the better. I am truly grateful for her patience, talent and caring support. I highly recommend her coaching sessions. 


Jacqui's skilled questions helped to unravel my confusion and focused on the qualities that are my authentic self, specifically compassion, support and generosity of spirit.  She asked me what possibilities I saw instead of the problems I was envisioning.  This resulted in a 180 degree transformation from my initial perspective!  She supported me to take some sweet steps going forward, so I continue to look at the situation with clear and loving eyes.  Jacqui can do this for you in a warm, safe and supportive space.  Thank you, coach!  


Jacqui's coaching has helped me transform my attitudes and therefore my behaviors and actions. I attribute this transformation to her support, enthusiasm, and obvious caring. All these were so valuable as I made the shift to a better way of life!