"What you love is a sign from your higher self of what you are to do."

My best work has been the work I've invested in me,  and is what allows me the confidence and excitement to support and believe in you.  I've walked the walk of insight and exploration.  It's not easy.  I've faced discomfort head on and pushed through huge growth boundaries.  Just a note here...the only boundary is ourselves.  I've helped many others along my journey of the "in between" to attune focus and attention on what they really want, and to go for it.  

I've coached in career pivot programs for those looking to integrate their values and more meaning and into their everyday work.  I've organized and led mindfulness groups to help those feeling overwhelmed and stuck to calm, ground, and gain ease of focus and direction.  I've facilitated women's groups for amazing entrepreneurial minded women to hone in on next steps and goals for their big projects.  I also work within a collective of solo-preneurs to coach them for visioning to evolve and elevate their business as it grows.  

My purpose is to hold compassionate yet accountable space for others so that they can reveal their most amazing possibilities and bring them into reality.  

What would it be like to LOVE what you do, to build an amazing lifestyle that works for you, and to find out that you are a very powerful creator!?