I fell in love with coaching after a very long and extremely exciting transition.  I was feeling very stuck and unfulfilled in a job that I was so misaligned with in every fiber of my being.  I eventually took a leap of faith to leave and man was I ready.  But the request of change in my life from the universe did not come without challenge.  I felt the "in between" of that experience from one story to the next soooo deeply.  That experience however, led me to coaching.  I knew I wanted to make an impact in people and continually found myself surrounded with communities of people going through major shifts, feeling stuck, wanting more meaningful work, and just really seeing that there are possibilities seemingly out of grasp.  I want to support those people! So here I am.    

 Many of us are going through these major shifts in our lives and trying to incorporate our true selves into our work and the lifestyle we want too.  We were all born with the natural desire to contribute.  What would it be like to contribute to work you're aligned with and to contribute to yourself in the process!  

 I became so familiar with the experiences of feeling stuck, looking for real purpose, lacking the knowledge of how to get to what I want, or maybe not even knowing what I wanted at all.  I became a coach because I'm hugely passionate about seeing people get the support they need in order to realize the possibilities of what they are capable of achieving!  It is so available to all of us...we just have to say yes.   Get some WORK LOVE :)