JA Coaching

Jacqui Allen Coaching 


I'm a career coach who focuses on supporting people to find clarity in their relationship with work.  My interest is in helping clients to grow to that next level in their calling, and to refocus on what’s really important to them in their lives. We spend so much of our time and energy on our life’s works …this work matters. 

>> This coaching is focused on what’s next for you in life’s work, and serves to create a path of clarity to be acted upon!

>> It supports people to get out of the overwhelm, and past the “stuck” and “I don’t know.”

>> My clients are looking to integrate meaning and personal values into their every day lives with work.

>>  This work helps those looking for something new.. to find what that something is! It also helps those looking to take that current endeavor to the next level!   

>> But most importantly, this work is for those super ready and willing to embrace and engage with what is possible!

My impact is in people, and finding the way that your work can work for you.  My clients are finding clarity, and developing authentic and consistent steps towards their wants and goals. I truly believe all that we want is available to us.  In a world where we spend most of our energy and time in work...make it matter. 

What matters to you?